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Team Approach

We "play nice" with your other advisors. We understand their importance. We can either captain the plan or act as one of the team. This creates synergy which enhances the flow and depth of information to and from the client.

In The News

Paul works with small to medium size business owners, their key employees, professionals and individuals to address their individual needs.  With the many tax law changes the "fringe" part of fringe benefits to the highly compensated has been eroded. We bring experienced creativity, implementation, and direction of qualified and non-qualified plans in an effort to retain more of what our clients work hard to earn.  Specializing in servicing the needs of individuals, closely held businesses, the entrepreneur and those working on safely increasing their investment and retirement rate of return.

"Insurance is the newest non-correlated asset class, with the ability to help protect and promote wealth.  Do you own this one of a kind product?"

Life insurance is the new asset class; This is the commodity that banks, corporations and college endowments have been utilizing for decades as a safe, long-term investment  with a good interest rate, virtually no volatility and liquidity; the safe long-term place.  Permanent life insurance have a crediting interest rate of 4-4.5%, depending upon the plan and carrier.  And there is no income tax on the gain ever, if structured correctly and both the  withdrawals and loans are done properly.   Although a few years old, this broadcast remains viable: NBC News - Investing In Life Insurance and I've been saying this for the past thirty plus years. 

Clients come to us because Paul’s approach to solving their needs is client-driven; tailoring practical solutions to meet a clients particular goals and resources. Paul is committed to excellence in his work on behalf of his clients and defines excellence in the clients’ terms, not his own.

"Insurance is the newest non-correlated asset class, with the ability to help protect and promote wealth.  Do you own this one of a kind product?"

... my approach to solving needs is client driven.

Proudly working with the LBGTQ community.  

You’ve come a long way; I’d like to help you go even further.

Getting married, sending a child off to college, achieving financial independence, becoming an entrepreneur, helping your community thrive, leaving a legacy for future generations—these are only a few of the many dreams we all aspire to.

Whether your dreams are simple or ambitious, we understand that everyone has them. We also understand that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) individuals and families face distinct challenges when it comes to achieving their financial dreams.  preparing for your financial future doesn’t have to be complicated.  

Because your financial goals are as unique as you are—whether you want to include your partner on your life insurance policy, save for your child’s education, pay off a mortgage, prepare for retirement or protect and pass on your wealth—we provide customized solutions to meet your needs and help you turn your dreams into reality.

We are guided by our core values of financial strength, integrity, and humanity. These values are at the heart of what drives us in everything we do and our ties to the LGBTQ community.