• Life Insurance Policy & Audit Review
  • Estate Preservation, Parity and Perpetuation
  • Geriatric Planning
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Divorce Planning
  • Life Insurance Portfolio Management
  • Business Continuity, Succession & Transfer
  • Policy Performance Analysis
  • Philanthropic Goals
  • Personal Needs Analysis


Life Insurance Policy Audit & Review - Life Changes...So Does Life Insurance

I have audited policies for 33 years, providing an objective overview of the strengths and weaknesses in life insurance policies.  I maintain complete independence with no ties to any insurance company, banks, brokerage houses or securities firms.  Life insurance audits are more urgent than ever. With changes in interest rates, company performance and insurance costs, some policies remain at risk of early termination.Make sure that your coverage is adequate to meet your goals and objectives. These are constantly changing depending on what is happening in your life. A Policy Audit/Review is not necessarily a precursor to purchasing a new policy. There are 4 possible outcomes to a Policy Review:

  1. Your policy effectively meets your goals
  2. Your policy does not meet your goals
  3. Your policy is performing efficiently
  4. Your policy is not performing efficiently

Any of these life events could cause a need to add or subtract from your present coverage.   While regular reviews are important, certain events are more likely to change your coverage needs. Some life events that can cause you to review your coverage are:

                           • Births and Deaths                • Marriages

                           • Starting a Business             • Buying a Home

                           • Receiving an Inheritance       • Creating an Estate Plan

                           • Change in Job Status           • Charitable giving needs

Estate Preservation, Parity and Perpetuation
- Maintaining assets of liquid estates, providing equally for heirs in different financial situations, creating incentives to ensure that inherited wealth promotes your legacy. These goals can be accomplished through proper planning with life insurance.
Geriatric Planning - We team with geriatric consultants and closely work with the families with the planning and placement of their family members; providing the important financial and estate planning needed at this difficult time.

Wealth Transfer Planning - We work with high net worth individuals and family owned businesses; along with their attorney and other advisors to implement a plan to maximize ones wealth transfer. Through prudent planning we help reduce taxes and transfer costs in estates. Our planning also helps maintain the bond between the heirs. We are also able to provide a workable and feasible exit plan for an individual in a family owned businesses. Through experience we have come to understand insurance in a different way, as a progressive vehicle for the preservation of wealth – a means to an end, not the end itself.

Divorce Planning - It is important to do insurance planning before ones divorce. There are choices that you will have while you are married that you will otherwise lose. We work with your Attorney and CPA providing them with creative planning tips. Also the planning, after the divorce, is important as you rebuild your new life.

Life Insurance Portfolio Management - Existing life insurance policies that have been in place for years can represent a significant untapped and underutilized resource. Specialized analytical tools can uncover opportunities to enhance the return on life insurance portfolios, generating a positive impact on overall investment portfolio performance.

Business Continuity, Succession and Transfer - Funding Buy-Sell liabilities, providing key executive coverage, addressing the intersection of business and personal planning. Life insurance plays a critical role in the survival of business during times of sudden or difficult transition.

Policy Performance Analysis - Of the many financial instruments that make up a client's portfolio, life insurance policies tend to be the least monitored. Many portfolios contain life insurance policies that have not been reviewed since purchased.  Life insurance policies need to be managed and adjusted to keep up with market conditions and with the insured's needs,goals and desires.  IT is not a one time event 

Philanthropic Goals -
Giving back to the community and organizations that nurtured your success can be a lifelong goal. Life insurance can facilitate significant gifts that would otherwise impact heirs.

Personal Needs Analysis
- This Life Insurance Needs Analysis is intended to provide a general estimate of the amount of life insurance coverage you may need. Your actual need today and over time may be higher or lower than shown. This analysis provides only a snapshot of your current situation. The results of this analysis are based on your inputs and assumptions.


Services Offered

... my approach to solving needs is client driven.

Team Approach

We "play nice" with your other advisors.  We understand their importance. We can either captain the plan or act as one of the team. This creates synergy which enhances the flow and depth of information to and from the client.